Friday, February 10, 2012

America Invents: Looking at the New U.S. Patent Act

Sheri Qualters posted a list of the top ten things you should know about the new Patent Act on Qualters discusses several aspects of the Act, including the first-to-file model, the PTO court, and changes to the prior use, best mode, and joinder rules.

Read the full article here: Top 10 Things You Should Know About the New Patent Law

The New York Times also posted an article about how the new Patent Act, which was enacted under the name the "America Invents Act," is affecting small businesses. This article also discusses the new-to-the-US First to File model, and it also discusses the Track One "fast track" process and how Postgrant Review works.

Read that article, posted by Eliene Zimmerman, here: Business Owners Adjusting to Overhaul of Patent System